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The COVID-19 Clinical Research Coordination Initiative supports research occurring across B.C., and connects B.C. researchers to national and international research collaborations and activities. The process is implemented to benefit B.C.-based researchers and to create an advisory structure to coordinate and align COVID-19 research activities, including maximizing the use of limited clinical resources.


All researchers who wish to realize the benefits of research coordination and are seeking to engage in COVID-19 research. It is optional for new or ongoing COVID-19 research studies to be a part of the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coordination Initiative. However, to take advantage of a coordinated COVID-19 research approach and to facilitate access to precious bio-specimens, we highly encourage researchers to go through this process to ensure alignment. If you are conducting a COVID-19 research project that was previously approved to move forward, you can continue. Although you do not need to seek a prioritization request, we would like to hear about your project so that we can align and coordinate future requests to existing activities. Accordingly, please email the details of your project to

Types of Services

  • Assistance with recruitment of COVID-19 patients
  • Collection or access to biobank samples
  • Clinical research conduct (e.g., seeking principal investigators, participation in longitudinal outcomes registry)
  • Device validation
  • Provincial coordination (e.g., expansion to other Health Authorities)
  • Others

Submission Process

The process is operationalized collaboratively by representatives from several organizations, including from the Ministry of Health, academic institutions, Health Authorities, and the BC Centre for Disease Control.
  1. Please complete a request form and upload additional material, if applicable. You will be contacted shortly by the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coordination Initiative team confirming receipt of your request.
    • While submitting a completed form is the fastest way, if you feel a discussion would be helpful before completing the form, please send a high-level description of your requested service to to request a meeting.
  2. After your request form has been logged by the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coordination Initiative team, it will be processed. You may be contacted by a member of the team seeking additional information about your request.
  3. Request forms will be routed to our working groups for review and recommendations.

Submit Request Form

The request submission form can be accessed through REDCap.