Working Groups

Learn more about the CRCI working groups.

Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Working Group was formed to provide expertise and leadership in the coordination, prioritization and implementation of COVID-19 clinical studies in B.C. The working group is also driving initiatives to accelerate research for COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, such as harmonizing research ethics, privacy, and contract processes for clinical trials in the province. The working group membership comprises clinicians, scientists, research administrators and patient partners from across B.C.’s regional health authorities.


The Biobanking Working Group is working to establish a provincial biobank network and catalogue of COVID-19 biospecimens for research. The goal is to ensure that samples are made available for immediate use by researchers in order to pursue innovative and collaborative projects.

Fundamental Biomedical Research

The Fundamental Biomedical Research Working Group was formed to provide leadership in the coordination of basic COVID-19 research in B.C., and to enable collaboration and sharing resources. The group comprises fundamental biomedical researchers at B.C. universities.

Data Science Group

The Data Science Group is focused on research of the cohort of B.C. residents who have tested positive for COVID-19.  The group has a diverse range of skills, and includes people with modelling, analytics, clinical, data governance, and IT expertise.  In addition to supporting coordination of clinical research related to COVID-19, the group has worked with Provincial leaders (including the Ministry of Health) to develop high-level data governance principles.

Industry Liaison Group

The Industry Liaison group is focused on connecting industry partners with academic and clinical partners. This involves reviewing industry requests, vetting them for viability, and (when appropriate) connecting them to researchers and/or clinicians with whom they may wish to partner.

Psychosocial Group

The Psychosocial Group is focused on psychosocial outcomes in the context of larger COVID-19 research.  Psychosocial Node researchers are leading a number of COVID-19 related research projects including a provincial cohort study examining psychosocial outcomes, gender-based violence, economic outcomes, and vaccine intentions from a sex-and-gender-based perspective.